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Cofraplus® 220

Cofraplus® 220, additive floor for parking and office

  • The additive floor Cofraplus® 220 combines the high strength of the patented profile with that of the reinforced concrete slab
  • Ease and speed of implementation, lightness, resistance, great freedom of adaptation are the character traits of this new process which favors the assembly of beams posts without intermediate joists

Cofraplus® 220

Thickness (mm)
Weight (daN/m2)
1,13 15,14
1,25 16,75
Fire resistance (REI) 30' 60' 90' 120'
Minimum height of concrete above the ribs (mm) (Hc) 80 80 100 120


Wing System

The Wings are consoles that can be either previously welded on the beam or bolted on site


Slim Floor System

The combination of Cofraplus® 220 with a beam CoSFB prevents beam fallout and naturally protects the beam in case of fire


Cofraplus® 220 Slimfloor

Cofraplus® 220 Angelina

Cofraplus® 220 car park Enovos Esch-sur-Alzette