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Cofrastra® 40

Cofrastra® 40 the composite floor deck with dovetail section for high bonding capacity, recommended for heavy loads

Duration of Watertightness and Insulation (EI) 30' 60' 90' 120'
Thickness of slab (cm) 9 9 11 13

The mechanical resistance to heat (R) is provided by reinforcements at the bottom of the ribs. Their determination must be calculated (Cofra 5).

Thickness (mm) Weight (daN/m2)
0,75 9,80
0,88 11,50
1,00 13,10
  • Maximum of spans up to 2,70m without props and until 4,50m with props
  • 10% weight reduction in comparison to a traditional prefabricated concrete slab floor 
  • Cost reduction thanks to the reduced weight
  • Maximum thickness steel profile : 1,00mm
  • Dovetail section allows for a fast installation of suspended ceilings with Cofrafix system


Cofrastra® 40 P

Pre-drilled version suitable for NELSON type connectors previously welded on mixed beams