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Cofrastra® 70

Cofrastra® 70 the composite floor deck with dovetail section for high bonding capacity, recommended for heavy loads

Duration of Watertightness and Insulation (EI) 30' 60' 90' 120'
Thickness of slab 12 13 13 15
Thickness (mm) Weight (daN/m2)
0,75 10,05
0,88 11,80
1,00 13,40
  • Maximum of spans up to 4,00m without props and until 4,50m with props
  • 20% weight reduction in comparison to a traditional prefabricated concrete slab floor 
  • Cost reduction thanks to the reduced weight
  • Maximum thickness steel profile : 1,00mm
  • Dovetail section allows for a fast installation of suspended ceilings with Cofrafix system


Cofrastra® 70 P

Pre-drilled version suitable for NELSON type connectors previously welded on mixed beams