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Cofraplus 220

The innovative concept of steel-concrete floor Cofraplus 220 is the result of an extensive research and test programme. Its multiple benefits give the designer and architect a new scope for imagination and the client guaranteed economy for large working spans.

The additive floor Cofraplus 220 combines the high resistance of a steel profile with the reinforced concrete slab.

Easiness and speed of installation, reduced weight and high resistance are the main features of this new product particularly suited to all column-beam structure projects without intermediary joists.

max. length

 1250 1,00

Advantages Cofraplus 220:

  • acts as formwork

  • acts as a continuous slab (multi-span system)

  • less rib reinforcement

  • stirrup reinforcement can often be avoided

  • reduction of total flooring height to 25 cm to 40 cm (Slim Floor)

  • further savings possible when used in combination with CoSFB composite beam


WING: the optimized flooring system for car park construction

Cofraplus 220 is placed into the so called "wings", welded in the workshop to the finished beams's webs. Only the concrete on top of the profile's rib is overhanging the beam. Shear studs are welded to the upper flange of the beam to create a connection between the slab and the girder which leads to important savings in steel weight.

SLIM FLOOR: light-gauge floor for multi-storey buildings

COFRAPLUS 220 is positioned into the lower flange of asymmetric beams. The rib crown sits into a “SLIM FLOOR” connector in order to avoid any seepage of concrete. CoSFB, the composite beam version, is used to connect the slab and the beams and reduces the beam dimensions and the floor depth substantially.  


COFRAPLUS 220 is positioned into the steel wings which 
are precast into concrete beams or on angle brackets anchored into the concrete. The result is a substantial reduction height.

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Cofraplus 220

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Cofraplus 220

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Cofraplus 220