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Composite flooring

COFRASTRA - composite floors are load bearing flooring systems made of steel profiles, reinforcements and concrete poured on site. The profiles serve as formwork as well as reinforcements.

The composite effect with the steel profiles is achieved thanks to its undercut shape and the open ribs. This way, Cofrastra enables a unique surface adhesion and does not require end anchorage.

The adjusted combination of the materials steel and concrete presents numerous advantages for economical and efficient construction with high aesthetic requirements.

Due to Cofrastra's special geometry, it is lighter than composite flooring systems of the same thickness and thus reduces the total weight of the building.

With the design tool Cofra5 ArcelorMittal Construction offers the possibility to calculate your floor structures online and print the results. 

  Cofrastra 40
  Cofrastra 56
  Cofraplus 60  
  Cofrastra 70


  • The steel profile serves as a formwork without further assembly support.
  • Due to the mechanical connection between contrete and the steel profiles is used as reinforcement
  • Fast and easy assembly without subject to changes in weather
  • It is a safe working platform before the concrete pouring
  • Substantial savings can be achieved in construction time & weight
  • Without additional reinforcement the composite floors have a fire resistance of 30 minutes.
  • Combination with different types of structural materials possible: steel, reinforced concrete, precast concrete,  masonry
  • With adequate fixing horizontal loads of the structure can be supported

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Design tool: 

  Cofra5 Designsoftware

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