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Multibeam light frame structure

Purlins and wall beams

The Multibeam purlin systems are an economical alternative to hot rolled sections in industrial light steel construction.

The system has been used in the sector for many years. Thanks to the optimized profile shape, a balanced weight - loadbearing relation could be achieved and offer an economic solution for wall and roof structures. 

  Multibeam A and B    
  Multibeam C and D    


  • quick assembly
  • symmetrical section (no „right“ and „left“ profiles)
  • resistant, stable profile
  • wide upper flanges (facilitates roofing works)
  • simple connections with beams and columns
  • simple and efficient assembly of the tie bolts
  • economy
  • reduced weight
  • galvanized surface
  • various fields of application

Walls & Cladding Roofs Flashings Structure Floors Accessories Car park
Cladding panels PUR/PIR
Mineral wool panels
Liner trays
Trapezoidal profiles
Sinusoidal profile
Design profiles

Roofing panels PUR/PIR
Mineral wool panels
Trapezoidal profiles
Sinusoidal profiles

Functional &
aesthetic flashings

Multibeam Composite floors
Cofrastra & Cofraplus


Cofraplus 220

More information:

  Brochure Multibeam