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Mineral wool panels

Our sandwich panels with a mineral wool core offer modern and economic fire safety for cladding, roofing and flooring.

Ondafibre industrial panels

Ondafibre industrial panels present an economic solution for industrial construction which requires systems that  are fast and easy to install, but offer at the same time demanding statical properties. These fire resistant panles comply with the mist common requirements for non-combustible roofing and cladding materials. Their standardized constructive widths allow a fast installation with spans up to 6m.

Pflaum architectural panels

Pflaum architectural panels combine the advantages of efficient fire safety with sophisticated architectural aesthetics. Pflaum mineral wool panels offer an economical and efficient solutions for office buildings, sports venues or public buildings.

Due to the particularly hard mineral wool core between the steel shoeets, panels with a construction width of up to 1.200mm can be fabricated. In combination with the integrated panel joints, a first-class building structure can be achieved.

Mineral wool panels with visible fixings: Mineral wool panels with hidden fixings: 
   Ondafibre 3003 B Ondafibre 3506 HBI
   Pflaum FO  Pflaum FI
     Pflaum module4

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