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Car park flooring

ArcelorMittal Construction offers an economic solution particularly developed for car park flooring. 

The advantages of composite flooring systems can be specially useful in multi-story car parks. The quick and easy assembly, the self-supporting formwork that at the same time functions as a working platform and the light and slim flooring structure are the most important reasons for the use of composite flooring systems in car parks. The efficiency in car park design lies in the optimum use of the available base surface in relation to the total usable area as well as a short construction phase.

For the optimization of the usable surface, a slim flooring structure is decisive as builing heights for car parks are usually limited.

Our car park systems are suitable for the optimization of different structural systems with beam spans of 16,00 m. 

With the  Cofra5 design tool, ArcelorMittal Construction offers the possibility to calculate your floor structures online and print the results. 

  Cofraplus 220


floor span: 5,00 m, beam height IPE 500


  • short construction thanks to high level of prefabrication
  • reduced flooring height and column-free structures
  • the trapezoidal profiles act as formwork and working platform
  • manual assembly, no crane necessary
  • no additional assembly support necessary thanks to the load bearing capacity of the steel deck
  • our car park systems can be used for the optimization of different structural systems, including a general beam span of 16,00 m.

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  Cofra5 design tool
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