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Phoster Partners



ArcelorMittal : Project coordinator

Responsible for sustainable development matters through life cycle analysis, recycling and eco-design issues

 ArcelorMittal Maizières Research SA thanks to its 4 research centres (570 employees) is the main R&D centre of the ArcelorMittal group and has developed key R&D facilities throughout the entire steel production process from Iron making to metallic coating. It has developed unique simulation and pilot lines, analytical tools for surface analysis and numeric simulation, modeling tools to allow a proper assessment of its innovative projects from both technical and economical perspectives. ArcelorMittal recognises that it has a significant responsibility to tackle the global climate change challenge; it takes a leading role in the industry's efforts to develop breakthrough steelmaking technologies and is actively researching and developing steel-based technologies and solutions that contribute to combat climate change.

ArcelorMittal Maizieres Research holds a department fully dedicated to LCA analysis with the following activities:

  • LCA of steel products and solutions
  • Support for new R&D development
  • Support to address clients enquiries
  • General Research Projects
  • LCI of materials
  • Methodology development
  • Sovamat initiative and SAM conference
  • Expertise and technical support
  • Technical support for standard developments
  • Representation in different international bodies (ESTEP WG4, worldsteel, normative groups…)

It has developed LicaB® Life cycle assessment of Buildings tool, allowing the evaluation of all stages of life cycle, including a simulation of the use phase.

ArcelorMittal Construction France : Process and demostrator

Responsible for the module Industrial process development & demonstrator’s implementation

AreclorMittal Construction is the leading global provider for steel systems and solutions focused on roofing and cladding, composite floors, light gauge structures, agricultural applications, innovative modular housing and advanced photovoltaic technology. The high level of expertise, technology and services for innovative solutions and cost-effective concepts will create value for investors, planners and contractors with long term vision of building for a sustainable future.

ArcelorMittal Construction has a unique testing center homologated by the CSTB (french construction regulator) based in Haironville. It helps to certify all its product portfolio. Futhermore, Arcelormittal Construction has built a proven expertise in photovoltaic technology for the construction sector since 2009 through.

CRM Group, AC&CS Belgium : Solar Cells development

Responsible for the Solar Cells industrial process development

AC&CS deliver Research & Development in the field of metal industry. It gathers 120 researchers, about a third of them being involved in surface coating technologies (organic coating, vacuum coating at the lab and pre-industrial scale). Another important feature of AC&CS is to be an excellence center for the metal building industry with activities related to windmills, energy efficient building, metal lightweight structures, etc.

AC&CS researchers will be involved in the project belong to the Photovoltaic technological platform which aims at developing and bringing to industrialisation solar cells technologies on steel substrates. In the past the team already illustrated itself in the development and technological transfer to production plants of:

  • light reflectors (Luminance®),
  • solar selective thermal absorbers (Solarceo®) and
  • thermal shield (ShieldArceo®).

The Photovoltaic platform also involved researchers and technicians from the "Steel Solution Design for Construction" department which have preliminary experience in solar module development and prototyping.

Cea - Liten - France : Solar Cells expertise

Technical assistance for CIGS solar cell expertise

CEA Liten (Laboratory for Innovation in New Energy Technologies and Nanomaterials) is a research institute belonging to the CEA's Technological Research Division (staff: 900). It is one of Europe's leading research centres in the new energy technology field. It works to support the country's efforts to diversify its energy mix through more effective use of renewables, in particular to meet energy requirements in transport and housing and to help French businesses gain a competitive edge.

Yearly involved in 400 research partnership contracts, Liten works hand in hand with the French industry. It is one of the CEA laboratories with the higher number of patents (150 new applications filed in 2010) and a portfolio of 600 international patents.

 Liten's research activities are focused on renewable energy sources (solar energy, biomass), energy efficiency (vehicles, low-energy buildings, hydrogen technology, electric power system management, etc.) and high-performance materials for energy applications. In particular, CEA Liten has a strong expertise in CIGS thin film technologies, flexible thin film encapsulation, PV cell characterization as well as module monitoring.

In PHOSTER, two CEA Liten's laboratories will be involved. A first one focusing on thin film based solar cell technology and the second one on back end technology and photovoltaïc modules monitoring.