Phoster project

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Five environmental targets are set for the project:

1 - Reduction of up to 30 % of the Global Warming Potential with respect to a framed PV module installed on a metallic roof, representing 46 kg CO2 eq./m².

2 - 15% reduction of the carbon footprint and the primary energy use for manufacturing CIGS modules, thus leading to a savings of 15.8 kg CO2 eq./solar cell m². This will be achieved by reducing the energy required by 50% during the selenisation process, and by introducing energy efficient management of the solar cell installation.

3 - An increase of 1,5 % of the kWh/kWp produced with respect to currently available BI-PV modules on steel roofs, mainly achieved by reducing the shadow effect on the steel profile and by optimising the PV module global design

4 - To reduce the amount of the rare toxic element cadmium by 20 to 25 g per m² of PV module (100% reduction in comparison with existing technologies).

5 - Achievement of an eco-designed BI-PV Roofing envelope, of which at least 85% (in weight) is recyclable. With a foreseen weight of the PHOSTER envelope of 10 kg/m² a minimum 8.5 kg/m² of material can be recycled at the module’s end of life.