Protea® low-cost quality housing

We offer modular construction system with reduced time for installation. Standardised components are entirely prefabricated in factories, packed in protective containers and delivered on-site, ready for assembly. The PROTEA® building system ensures long term living conditions with respect to safety, insulation, health and comfort.

Pre-fabricated housing solutions


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Low-cost housing
Cheaper than traditional materials with higher performances
Thermal insulation
Uwall=0.29-0.47W/m².K (100-60 mm)
Uroof= 0.28-0.58W/m².K (100-40mm) 
Sound insulation
Walls (60mm): Rw (C; Ctr): 25(-1;-3) dB
Roof (40mm): Rw (C; Ctr): 25(-1;-3) dB
Industrial power
Industrialised system available in very large quantities
Training for local contractors
Supervision training and technical
assistance during construction
Environmentally friendly
Steel is indefinitely and 100% recyclable
Steel is sustainable, durable and solid
UV resistance
ΔE ≤ 3
Gloss retention ≥ 60%
Fast installation
4 days
4 workers
Easy installation kit
Easy to assemble, construction
guide provided
Dry and clean construction site
No water nor concrete needed
National certificates
ArcelorMittal Construction respects the
national construction regulations
Reaction to fire
SBI test with 10mm plasterboard: B s1 d0
(EU norms)
Seismic resistance
Up to 10m/s²
Wind load
Up to 50 m/s (180km/h)
Corrosion resistance
Validated by salt spray test and humidity