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With a square form of waves, Carraïne answers to the the current architectural trends

  • It is composed of a facing with symmetrical waves realized by folding, usable for the preparing of facades, or for  inside
  • The geometry can be adapted to the request: folding by zone with plane part, folded back edges….

  • Width: 600mm
  • Width between two waves: 40mm
  • Maximal length: 3200mm
  • Height: 19,4 mm
  • Metal thickness:
    - Steel : 1 mm
    - Aluminium: 1  mm
    - Stainless steel:1 mm
  • Perforation available

Carraïne, Logements Massy, Puzzler Paris - Architectes


Construction Advice

The use of these systems requires a preliminary layout taking into account all the dimensions of the building, opening and possible devices of dilation
The perfect alignment of the secondary frameworks is essential to reach the smoothest visual  of facade. In general, fixings are not visible
The installation is carried out in accordance with the code of practice
The implementation can be carried out directly on a framework as external side of double skin system, or on a secondary framework with insulating product between  Carraïne and trays.