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The Pulsation® product is a cladding profile made of pre-coated steel sheets of 1mm of thickness

  • This steel profiles are used on a rainscreen cladding  or external cladding of a double skin cladding with vertical or horizontal joints between profiles

  • Maximal span up to 1,5m
  • Size 300 mm ± 1 mm
  • Maximal lenght: 4000mm+0 /- 3
  • Nominal height: 30 mm + 7 mm



Construction Advice Pulsation®

The use of these systems requires as a preliminary layout taking considering the building dimensions, the openings and eventually the dilations joints
The perfect alignment of the sub-framing is essential in order to obtain a uniform smooth facade. In general, fixings are not visible
The installation should be carried out according to good practice
The cladding can be installed directly on the load-bearing structure or as the external rainscreen cladding fixed  onto liner trays that connected to the main framework and provided with insulation and a sub-framing