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Invoice dematerialization

How does it work?

1.   An electronic format replaces the paper format

The digitalized invoices are delivered in a signed PDF format recognized by the financial administration.




- Save time

  •  Invoices sent regularly to your e-mail box
  •  Invoices downloadable in PDF

- Available 24/7
- Free automatic archiving of all invoices for a period of 10 years
- Delays on delivery of invoices are reduced. (Invoices previously sent by post will cease)
- Security : A safe with your own login and password
- Integrate its environment strategy thanks to the removal of a paper based system
- No IT development expected, your e-mail address is enough




2 methods to access your invoices

              Notification by e-mail : 

An e-mail notification will be sent to you. You can display and/or download the invoice in PDF format without connecting to your safe.

Safe : clic here

Your secured client space where you connect with your login and password and access your invoices 24/7.



Things unchanged 

  • The invoice : the template remains the same
  • The frequency : the issue date of invoices is not affected



Legal requirements

The use of electronic invoices is in accordance with the French directives from the Directorate General of Taxes (article 289.VII du CGI). This approach corresponds with the legislative developments contained in the law under n° 2015-990 dated the 06th of August 2015. The objective of this law is to simplify, optimize and secure the flow of documents and their archiving.



User guide: clic here

Request form for invoices digitalization: clic here

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