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We provide the link between steel producers and steel consumers and are central to the industrial steel-using process. ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions France processes flat products, long products, special products and building products to deliver a high-performance steel solution to industrial users: form, design, size, texture and packaging. ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions France, an integral part of the ArcelorMital Group, is capable of fulfilling all your requirments: extensive range, low and high volumes, delivery locations, etc.

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Fast delivery

Thanks to our extensive product range, we are able to fulfil all your steel requirements. Our stock levels and comprehensive network of locations enable us to supply anywhere in France with very short delivery times.

Flexibility and responsiveness

Our teams prove on a daily basis their commitment to respond rapidly to customer requirements.

We offer all delivery options, such as scheduled, just-in-time or material call-off and we undertake to provide fast, on-time delivery.

Order progress

Industrial customers can place orders and monitor their progress electronically by means of EDI and Internet online services.

Electronic Data Processing - such as computerised labeling - in conjunction with real-time communication of capacity gives our customer service personnel the best possible capabilities in terms of order visibility, traceability and progress, thus enabling us to provide our customers with the essential information in respect of orders in progress as and when required.


Thanks to our processing facilities, we deliver quality products tailored to your needs. We can cut, slit, decoil and finish steel in accordance with your specifications. Contact us for more details about our operations.

Packaging solutions

ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions France assesses packaging methods that generate both operational efficiency and cost effectiveness when the product enters the customer's production system.

Packaging is tailored to your offloading facilities. We address specific requirements, which are as varied as our extensive customer portfolio, from international high-volume businesses to local players.

Our production department employs the latest industrial packaging standards to accommodate general industry requirements whilst customising the packaging characteristics for each customer in accordance with their production process, location, and other key parameters advised by the customer.

Some of the parameters considered by default are:

  • Product orientation - vertical/horizontal
  • Base material - plastic/wood
  • Edge protection - total/edges only
  • Plastic film - total/top/base/none
  • Strapping - basic/with the product