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Although steel processing is an activity that has a low environmental impact, it is no less sensitive to the legal and social dynamic trend towards a culture in which only environmentally responsible companies, services and products are acceptable.

With this in mind, ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions Iberia has implemented an ISO 14001 certification process in its main work centres, adopting in all of them a policy of scrupulous control of environmental parameters, especially in terms of consumption and emissions, with active residue management, giving priority to reuse and recycling.

Special mention should be made of the change of standard developed under RD 117/2003, which, with effect from 31 October 2007, establishes new regulations regarding emission limits in respect of volatile organic compounds, that will, in many cases, require substitution of current epoxy or silicate paints by water-based paints, also modifying the production process that we employ in our plants.