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  • Upstream: Exploration & Production

    Upstream: Exploration & Production

OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods): tubes in the oil fields

OCTG casing and tubing

Projects Oil & Gas is able to market tubes designed for oil and gas well equipment encompassing casing, tubing and various tubular accessories according to all international standards.

All of these products are manufactured from seamless hot-rolled tubes and fitted with different types of connections such as :

  • Threaded and Coupled (TNC)
  • Integral-flush and semi-flush

Moreover these products can be supplied with different type of steel grades like:

  • Standard grades: in standard API steel grades (J55, K55) without heat treatment
  • Special grades: with heat treatment to increase mechanical properties and to resist to higher pressures according to API: L80, P110, Q125 (up to 125 KSI)
  • Some proprietary grades such as low temperature or sour service

For all these steel grades, we are able to provide different type of connections like:

  • API (American Petroleum Institute): buttress connections (BTC, LTC, STC, EUE…)
  • Premium connections, with better tightness and mechanical properties

Our seamless pipes with the range of connections (from standard API to Premium) will provide you the solutions in order to face your daily challenges like:

  • increasing reliability of more complex operations
  • improving cost efficiency



Petroshahd Drilling Program (Egypt)

2,000MT OCTG casing 

Petroshahd Petroleum


CanArgo Georgia (UAE)

1,000MT OCTG casing

Pemco Supplies Middle East


Gulf Coast Project (USA)

30,000MT OCTG casing & tubing

Plain Exploration & Production (PXP)


Well architecture