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  • Building construction

    Building construction

This category of applications is usually one of a temporary nature around all types of construction sites. However, more and more the temporary applications are transformed to a permanent solution enabling a double function in the design.

Firstly the temporary function to retain water and soil and secondly a permanent function as the designers incorporate our products into the structural design. If the total costs are considered using these products permanently, instead of removing and replacing them with a new building material, can be a more cost effective solution. Some of these applications are:

Building pits

Building pits are temporary waterproof constructions in which an excavation is executed for the realization of an underground building structure. When enough space is available a pit can be dug under natural slope when enough space is available to do so.

However, usually this extra space is not available as roads, railways, or other buildings will be situated along the edges of the excavation. In that case sheet piles can be applied as an earth-retaining structure. The function of this construction is not only to retain ground, but also has a waterproof function.

In combination with the delivery of sheet piles Projects provides a total solution to ensure the total stability of the building pit. Our stock tubes and beams are ideally suited to be used as struts and walings . As the products are not permanently applied in the final construction ArcelorMittal proposes commercial possibilities tailor-made for temporary use of material.


Cofferdams are temporary enclosure structures built within, or in pairs across, a body of water and soil. By pumping the water out the enclosed area a dry work environment is created so that the actual building activities can proceed. Enclosed coffers are commonly used for construction and repair of oil platforms, bridge piers and other support structures built within or over water. These cofferdams are usually welded steel structures, with components consisting of sheet pileswalings, and cross braces. Such structures are typically dismantled after the work is completed. 

Underground car parks

Underground car parks are a solution to limited parking space in highly urbanized areas. However, underground construction has numerous design and construction issues that normal structures above ground level do not have. That is why building underground is so costly and only considered when all other options are exhausted.

ArcelorMittal is changing the economics of conventional underground construction by utilizing steel sheet piling as the permanent foundation wall. This innovative use of sheet piles eliminates the need to construct a permanent wall within a shored excavation, thereby greatly reducing the construction schedule. The reduced schedule equates to significant project savings and a greater return on investment.

Deep foundations

Deep foundations are used when shallow foundations do not provide enough bearing capacity. Usually this is the case for very large design loads, poor soil conditions at shallow depth, or other site constraints. Piles are generally driven into the ground in situ; other deep foundations are typically put in place using excavation and drilling.

The usage of steel tubes or H-piles for deep foundations is applied due to the high installation speed and the certainty of the foundations bearing capacity.