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Corporate brochure ArcelorMittal Projects

Overview of the product and service range of ArcelorMittal Projects. 20 pages. 

ArcelorMittal Projects Services and Products PDF (EN)  2.13 MB



Spirally welded steel pipes

Catalogue spirally welded steel pipes. 11 pages.

Spirally welded steel pipes PDF (2015, EN) 1.26 MB


General catalogue

General catalogue hot rolled sheet piles, HZ-, HP piles and tubular piles. 62 pages.

General catalogue PDF (2019) 12.23 MB


New generation of AZ sheet piles

Overview of the next generation of AZ sheet piles. 8 pages.


Cold formed sheet piles

Catalogue cold formed sheet piles. 9 pages.

Koudgewalste Damwandprofielen PDF (2013) 2.58 MB

Cold formed sheet piles PDF (2013) 1.53 MB

Palplanches profilées à froid PDF (2011) 1.81 MB


HZM wall system

Catalogue HZM combined wall system. 46 pages.

HZM Steel Wall System PDF (2014, EN) 5.26 MB


HP bearing piles

Catalogue HP wide flange bearing piles. 16 pages.

HP Wide flange bearing piles PDF (EN;FR;DE) 1.35 MB


AZ sheet piles in combined walls

Test by the University of Liege (Belgium) concerning the excellent behaviour of AZ sheet piles when used as intermediate sheeting in combiwalls. 7 pages.

AZ sheet piles in combined walls PDF (NL;EN;FR) 3.62 MB



Static anchoring material and accessories for quay walls and retaining structures. 15 pages.

ASDO Anchors for Marine Structures PDF (EN) 6.08 MB


Underground car parks | Guide book

Guide book for underground car parks, based on different market studies, focusing on design and installation of steel sheet pile walls and comparing them with alternative solutions. 22 pages.

Underground car parks | Guide book (2018) 8.95 MB


The Impervious Sheet Pile Wall

The Impervious Steel Sheet Pile Wall - theoretical and practical analysis. 52 pages.



Corrosion resistant steel grade. 8 pages.

AMLoCor - Steel Grade PDF (2011, EN) 1.83 MB


Akila - Sealing system

Environmentally friendly high performance sealing system for steel sheet piles. 2 pages.

Akila - Sealing system PDF (EN) 496 kB

Akila - Système d'étanchéité PDF (FR) 596 kB


Dixeran declutching detector

Declutching detector with shear-type sensor. 21 pages.

Dixeran declutching detector PDF (EN;FR;DE) 2.33 MB


Protective coating systems and applications

Coating systems for protection of steel sheet piles, tubes, etc.
13 pages.

Protective coating systems and applications PDF (EN;FR;DE) 4.78 MB