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  • High precision solar tracking structures

    High precision solar tracking structures

Solar Projects

Solar Projects is ArcelorMittal’s dedicated and specialized global organization for the supply of high precision solar steel structures such as heliostats, CPV trackers and parabolic trough.

Solar Projects offers the complete collector support structure delivered as a kit to project site. We are headquartered in The Netherlands and our structures are manufactured and processed in our unique processing plants in China and Egypt.

In addition to processing, we also provide our customer with value and logistic engineering services with support of ArcelorMittal Global R&D and our partners.

Our approach

As every project is unique, we work closely with our customers as early as the development stage. We ensure that our products and services are tailored accordingly, bringing the best value during each project execution.

Our objective is to help our customers to achieve capex reduction and enhanced solar tracking accuracy. These can be accomplished through our dedicated manufacturing plants situated in low cost countries with years of experience in high precision steel processing.


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