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Who we are

Steel Service Centers is the specialist of flat carbon steel processing

with the most comprehensive products and services offers.

We are dedicated to process steel in order to answer all customer needs in term of product, shape and size. We also focus on service to offer our clients the best solutions to meet customers demands for their business.

The right steel in the right place at the right time

Steel Service centers consists of a European team which thanks to its organization, without borders, guarantees a quick and effective service thanks to a geographical situation of our sites and processing tools as close as possible to our customers. 

SSC a partnership ensured

We are central to the steel industrial process, the link between steel producers and steel consumers. We deliver a high-performance steel flat product solution for the market segments, automotive for manufacturers and sub constructors, industry for building, energy, appliances, transport, construction, yellow & green goods, agricultural equipment and road safety. We develop an aluminum solution offer for our dedicated customers.

Tailor-made solutions of flat carbon processed products

Our purpose is a tailor made service offer to flow customers with the best and consistent products, specific technical support and a dedicated supply chain.

Our Products

The largest and deepest flat carbon product line available on the market from commodities to high value added products, tailored to your needs.

-Slits, sheets cut to length, blanks (rectangular, trapezoidal, shaped), and finished steel in accordance with specifications required.

- high value added products: high strength steels, more corrosion resisting steel, “greener” steels.

We are tuned

Innovative solutions for improving quality, effectiveness and profitability to our customers requirements, analyzed, developed and supplied by a professional team tuned to our customers and focused on their demand.

For you

On a daily basis our teams are committed in term of flexibility and responsiveness and respond rapidly to customer requirements.

We undertake to provide fast, on-time delivery to delivered in “ready-to-use” sizes and needed quantities, with a various deliveries options as scheduled,  material call-off or serviced "just in time” for flow processes and with a short lead time for “spot” business.


"Satisfy our customers by excelling in terms of service, quality and sustainability, using the latest technologies"