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Sustainability, achieving a good quality of life for everyone

Our 10 sustainable development outcomes

Leading the solution through 10 outcomes

We have to contribute to making a more sustainable future possible. Our 10 sustainable development outcomes are a compelling, practical and demanding way to do this, from the way we make steel and use resources, to how we develop new products, and support our people and our communities.

The 10 outcomes are a strategic way to represent the material social and environmental aspects of our business. They form the basis of an approach that will help us avoid damaging disruptions to our operations and create substantial value, both for our stakeholders and our shareholders, from the products we make to the way we make them, from the quality of our employees’ lives to how our communities perceive us.

The 10 outcomes are the result of a strategic materiality process we undertook in 2014. They are at the core of our new sustainable development framework that motivates action by our people from site to corporate level. Since 2015, we have been using this framework to make the 10 outcomes a reality, wherever we are in the world.

We report on our progress on each of the 10 outcomes in our Annual Review and within our continuous narrative reporting hub, What's New.

What's new?

We are making the transition to continuous narrative reporting on our website. Below we provide you with the latest news, stories and leadership reviews from ArcelorMittal on sustainable development. Filter by date, outcome or type of story to suit your needs.

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