Digitalization & Industry 4.0

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Quick, efficient and reliable interaction with our customers.

Digitalisation is the integration of digital technologies into the daily operating processes.

Through new technological solutions digitalization offers new ways of handling business and managing work tasks.

Digitalisation brings increased efficiency and higher speed through

  • Automated transactions
  • Real time information exchange
  • Web based solutions and application and digital connections between customers and suppliers

ArcelorMittal have already started to invest in high tech digitalization solutions for the best service to our customers and a great development surrounding for our employees.

ArcelorMittal invites you to join this digital journey. The e-services we are offering currently, are the foundation for the next wave of digital optimization and improvement. Start with our e-services today to speed up your business process. You will start to increase efficiency immediately and keep a stronger focus on  your core business.

Why wait?

Welcome with us the digital century and have a look at our e-services.

An electronic document replaces the hardcopy document.

The digitalized invoices are delivered in a signed PDF format recognized by the financial administration.

What are your benefits?

No manuel mail handling is needed anymore. You receive an e-mail notification with the link to your invoice.

Your invoices are immediately available and you can easily download your invoices in PDF format.

In a nutshell:

  • Time saving and no mailing delays
  • 24/7 invoice availability
  • High Security level through a safe with your own login and password
  • Free auto archiving for all your invoices for a period of 10 year
  • No IT development is needed, your e-mail address is enough

Integrate an environment friendly strategy thanks to the removal of a paper based system (Invoices previously sent by post will cease).

This service is available in France and in Spain.

BeNeLux, UK, and Germany are planned for the future.

 More information here

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an electronic communication method that provides standards for exchanging data via any electronic means.

By adhering to the same standard, we can electronically exchange all relevant data, such as purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices, and many others.

What are your benefits?

 Gain in business efficiency: automating the exchange of data between applications across the supply chain can ensure that business-critical data is sent on time and can be tracked in real time.

In a nutshell: 

  • Shortening the order processing and the delivery time
  • Cost savings in terms of paper and mail handling “Less paper will both save you money and reduce your CO2 emissions”
  • Higher speed transactions and data exchanges within few seconds
  • Increased Data Quality through minimized manual input, lost faxes and mail, and keying and re-keying errors

Clich here

The E-Sales webshop facilitates your purchasing process.

The webpage application offers a wide range of standard products/formats to fill your “shopping truck” and validate.

What are your benefits?

It is all in your hands. You are choosing your formats and get just-in-time stock information, prices and delivery times for a wide range of products.

In a nutshell:

  • Real time access to stock and price information
  • A wide range of formats which are immediatly available
  • Fast delivery times
  • 24/7 webpage availability
  • Additional optional benefits on request

Please get in touch with us for further information, click here.