Digitalization & Industry 4.0

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Industry 4.0

The optimal service and conditions

Our business division develops an interconnected global system in which in one hand, we horizontally connect our production environment (warehouses, processing tools, logistics and dispatches to customers), whilst also connecting vertically with ERP, where sales orders, supply chain and purchasing functions continuously aim to provide our customers with the optimal service and conditions.

Through innovative thinking, we aim to improve our performance, increase sustainability and be more customer centric organization.

Innovation permeates everything we do at ArcelorMittal: from the scientific expertise of our research and development (R&D) department to getting employees in other functions throughout the group to think about what they could do differently.

“Innovation means change and adaptation...[It] is about bringing fresh thinking and a new perspective to everything we do. It is about challenging conventional wisdom and finding creative solutions”.

Lakshmi Mittal, CEO, ArcelorMittal

  Smart factory video

We started the journey towards a smart factory.

We all project ourselves into the world of the smart factory with our own imagination shaped by our experiences, our knowledge but also our dreams. This video was conceived and designed based on the solutions available and implemented today, or that will be available tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. It allows us to project ourselves virtually into this technological evolution we are entering. By actively working on these projects and new concepts, our fully invested teams are aligned with this ultimate goal. Learning while we go, this is the current viewpoint for our smart factories.