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SSC is the steel solutions for your business, building, energy, appliances, transport, construction and agricultural equipment and road safety…


Domestic appliances

Steel at home :  ArcelorMittal offers steel which meet any requirement and cares for your well-being.  We inspire and colour your interior  with our modern look  and colour palette discerning consumer demands  Estetic® Casa.

Did you know that a lot of cooking utensils are made of steel? Frying pans and saucepans are made with extra-strong quality blued steel from ArcelorMittal.

Did you know? We are behind the TVs screen! Our steels encourage creative designs and solutions for high-end aesthetics.

As a natural, permanent material which is 100% recyclable, is the ideal sustainable material. Our products for cold  stores  fully respect  RoHS and REACH regulations.

Construction and architecture

Our added value in terms of advice and solution guarantees a competitive and flexible service that is adapted to the expectations of our construction customers. Prepainted  steel with Granite® and range is our domain.

Magnelis® provides exceptional surface protection and improves durability in the harshest environments.

General industry

Civil engineering. Chernobyl, fire door/organiccoated - Padilla

   Safety barrier. Providing safe, sustainable steels are key values for us.

We are active in the development of safer steel solutions for road safety equipment.

Solar energy. We support the move to clean energy generation by offering high-performance steels, advanced metallic coatings and structural solutions for photovoltaïc.  
  Electrical steel. Energy is expensive! Using ArcelorMittal’s low loss electrical steel grades increases the efficiency of the electrical equipment and saves energy.
Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning. Aware of the HVAC industry's challenges, ArcelorMittal provides you several products meeting the HVAC equipment needs: fighting corrosion, aesthetic features, weight reduction, strength and heat protection.   
  Lighting and ceiling. Did you know? We cut steel for lighting, and ceiling construction.  You can find us at home, in your favorite supermarket and within the workplace!
Makeup Pans. Steel in our life : Our coated steel is also used to manufacture makeup pans  
  Stamping can only be done with high quality products, that's why our teams work closely developing new products with our customers to meet their needs.

Yellow and green goods

Yellow goods. We supply Amstrong™ a high strength product range to our yellow goods customers for weight reduction and  fatigue resistance.

Green goods take advantage of Amstrong™ for better ductility, surface flatness and processing possibilities

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