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A strong expertise on our industrial and automotive markets.

Our pluri-disciplinary teams build solutions for the most demanding partners, from our great know how combined with the experience of a global company, we developped a strong expertise on our industrial and automotive markets.

The work we do, at SSCs, will end up as part of the fabric of eveyone's lives for generations to come.


  • SSCs co-develop solutions to meet the challenges that the automotive industry is facing:
  • SSCs work closely with ArcelorMittal Flats Europe as a provider for car makers.
  • SSCs manufacture automotive parts, and offers high quality products to meet innovative needs to the automotive suppliers.
  • Automotive subcontractors or manufacturers work with our teams to produce the vehicles of today and tomorrow,  SSC delivers tailor made solutions.

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  • SSCs offer Steel solutions for building, energy, appliances, transport, construction and agricultural equipment and road safety...

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