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  • Journey to Zero

    Journey to Zero

ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions Health & Safety

At ArcelorMittal, the number one priority is the Health and Safety of our employees, subcontractors and visitors; we to strive to become a world class leader in the management and operational control of Health and Safety.

All Business Areas within ArcelorMittal have Journey to Zero committees, the UK and Scandinavia being no different. Through our Journey to Zero Committees, which are held at national and local levels,  the policies and strategies of ArcelorMittal are implemented, ensuring that we follow the defined and detailed road map for our ”Journey to Zero accidents”. Each committee is responsible for the implementation within the business of ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions' Health & Safety directives, thus helping to ensure that our Journey to Zero is as smooth as possible and has a common direction and meaning.

At ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions UK & Scandinavia, we operate an open door policy towards Health and Safety, and encourage our employees to challenge fixed ideas, to enable us to continually grow and improve.

As part of our ongoing commitment to Health & Safety, we have recently signed the Health and Safety Executive’s Pledge, under which we agree to: 

  • Play our part in reducing the numbers of work-related deaths, injuries and ill-health in Great Britain
  • Call on employers to put health and safety at the heart of what they do and to take a commonsense approach to health and safety
  • Commit to debunking myths around health and safety that trivialise the impact of injuries, ill health and deaths on individuals and their families
  • Recognise the importance of health and safety in difficult economic times and the dangers of complacency
  • Pledge to work with the Health and Safety Executive and its partners to Be Part of the Solution

We at ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions encourage all of the companies that we have contact with to sign up to the pledge to become part of the solution and demonstrate their ongoing commitment to their employees and families by making Health and Safety a top priority within their businesses.   

Journey to Zero